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Formerly known as “The Icebox of Florida” due to having the coldest winters in the state, Crestview is now known as the “Hub City.”   With the convergence of I-10, Hwy 85, Hwy 90, the Florida Gulf and Atlantic Railroad, and the Yellow and Shoal Rivers, Crestview has become a larger town that features both local and national restaurants and retailers.  In 2005, the Army’s 7th Special Forces Group relocated from Ft. Bragg, NC to Duke Field, which is located just six miles south of Crestview.  This move, along with Crestview’s close proximity to Eglin Air Force Base, has allowed it to be one of our fastest growing areas.

Crestview covers about 16.3 square miles and has a population of roughly 27,000 people.  Due to it’s location, Crestview is one of the only areas in our metropolis that has the ability to expand away from Eglin.


Crestview Attractions

website - cviewCrestview features both indoor and outdoor activities.  Whether you prefer a friendly challenge on the athletic field, or would prefer to unwind with friends, you can find something to do in Crestview!  The downtown area features local shops and antique stores, a distillery, and cute restaurants! If you prefer a faster pace, check out the Twin Hills Park to enjoy a friendly competition on the athletic field!  Also, with easy access to I-10 and Hwy 85, the shopping, entertainment, and beaches of Destin and Pensacola are just a short drive away!


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